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Elasticsearch 1.0.0. Beta2 released

Elasticsearch is making progress towards the version 1.0.0 and released its beta2. The release contains some very interesting features: Snapshot API making backup more easy, cat API for column-based format of results, and aggregations for more flexible summarization of data.


1.0.0 beta2 released

Splunk Gets 'Lucid' About Solr-Powered Search

LucidWorks is partnering with splunk. splunk will be integrated in the LucidWorks Search (BigData) platform.


Splunk Gets 'Lucid' About Solr-powered Search

LucidWorks Brings Multi-structured Data Analytics to splunk

Splunk Turns to LucidWorks to Provide Contect to Big Data

Enterprise Data Hub

Nowadays companies struggle with the growing amount of data. The publications discuss an new approach to store and process data with Apache Hadoop in a centralized manner.


Enterprise Data Hub

Intelligent Business Strategies: Offloading and Accelerating Data Warehouse ETL Processing Using Hadoop

A Big Data Architecture for Enterprise Search

Reference Guide for Apache Solr 4.6 released


Logstash for Apache Solr (Logstash4Solr) released


Logstash4SolrLogstash is a highly appreciated log aggregation tool well-known in the Elasticsearch world. For Apache Solr there was nothing similar. With the release of Logstash4Solr it has changed.



Homepage of the Logstash4Solr Project